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“Steal” Your Competitor’s TV Budget to Boost Search
13 December 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager

Yes; you read that right! I’m going to tell you how to use your competitor’s TV ad budget to drive search traffic to your own site using SearchSync. While it’s not stealing in the illegal sense, it is diverting your competitor’s TV-driven traffic to your site by way of clever digital bidding.

We know that TV is a primary driver of search traffic. And we know that the top search position leads to the highest click-through rates. We also know that 75% of TV-driven searches happens within two minutes of a spot airing – and it’s those very moments you should be focusing on.

It’s a no brainer to maximize your ranking during those valuable, post-spot minutes with a micro-search campaign that’s synced to specific TV creatives – those of your competitors.

We’ve seen case after case where brands use their competitors’ TV budgets to drive traffic to their sites. They leverage TVSquared SearchSync to do competitive bidding, ensuring they have the top search rankings ahead of their competitors.

Some of these companies don’t even advertise on TV themselves – they “piggyback” on competitors’ TV ads to capture interested buyers in the moments when they are highly engaged. Here’s an example:

Company X, a big-name travel brand launches a TV campaign for vacations in Thailand. Company Z, a smaller, but fast-growing travel brand, also offers Thailand packages. This is a perfect opportunity for Company Z to pounce on its competitor’s TV-driven search traffic. They do this using SearchSync technology.

How SearchSync Works

  1. Company Z identifies which of Company X’s TV spots it wants target.
  2. Company Z sets up sync-specific search campaign.
  3. SearchSync automatically pauses Company Z’s standard search campaigns for a period of time (chosen by the company), while it switches on the synced campaign.

After the set period has passed, SearchSync switches the sync campaign off, and the standard campaigns resume.

It’s genius. Digital-savvy marketers will do almost anything to maximize their budgets, right?

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