Stop Waiting for TV Campaign Insights!
30 April 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Marcom Director

Last month, I spoke to a marketing exec in between sessions at an industry event. She told me about her company’s experience with TV attribution and said she was “disenchanted,” as it took two months to get up and running. Outwardly, I nodded and listened. Inwardly, I practically spit out my coffee. Brands should never have to wait for TV insights!

When it comes to time-to-TV insights, you have to think about two things: data analysis and onboarding.

Data Analysis – Avoid the Lag

The ways advertisers measure TV are typically based on one of four things: ratings, direct viewership data, regression-based modeling or same-day reporting.

Using ratings data is the simplest form of TV attribution (whether or not that data is accurate is a different story!). But there is a lag of up to five weeks with ratings data, essentially, which eliminates most optimization opportunities.

With direct viewership data, an advertiser needs to connect that data with the actions generated. Data from the cookies/pixels don’t always get updated immediately (sometimes it takes as long as 30 days), and matching viewing and action data introduces an identity graph lag.

Then you have regression-based modeling, which uses historical data to start. As new data comes into the model, its impact is lessened because insights are influenced by weeks’ old data. Changes to insights happen slowly.

That brings us to same-day reporting, which is the foundation of TVSquared’s ADvantage platform. For every minute of every day, we measure from the bottom up (anonymized, accurate spot and response data) to give advertisers a look at how TV is performing in near-real time. That means if you run a spot on Tuesday a.m., you’ll have insight into how it performed by Tuesday p.m.

Onboarding Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

When it comes to enterprise technology, we’ve all grown accustomed to accepting potentially arduous, painful, time-intensive onboarding processes. And this expectation is warranted with some attribution solutions, but not all.

For MTAs or MMMs, onboarding can take between six and 12 months. Solutions based on viewership data, as well as some regression-based models, aren’t as bad, but can take up to a few weeks.

For TVSquared, on-boarding time is next to zero. In fact, it takes most clients only a few hours to get up and running. All advertisers need to do is install our pixel tracker or upload GA data and then tell us who needs access to the portal. From there, they can deep dive into their TV performance data.

For TV analytics, good things don’t come to those who wait. TV, just like digital, is a dynamic media channel. Unless you know what’s happening while it’s happening, you have no way to quickly and significantly optimize performance.