Super Bowl 50's TV Ad Winners
08 February 2016 • tvsquared

Cindy Crawford drinking a Pepsi. Terry Tate, office linebacker. Any one of the ?Whassup?? commercials that you and your cousins imitated for months. While the Super Bowl is an American institution, many of the TV ads that run during the game are permanently embedded in our psyches ? memories of childhood, time spent with family and friends, laughter and, sometimes, even tears.

Here at TVSquared, while we certainly appreciate the creative that goes into a great?ad, at the end of the day, we really only care about the impact it had. This year, dozens of brands paid up to $5?million for a TV spot that would reach more than 110 million viewers. With that level of investment, there are a lot of anxious executives looking to prove ? quickly ? how their TV spots drove revenue.

The TVSquared team burned the midnight oil to determine the impact that TV had on search traffic for Super Bowl advertisers. Using the ADvantage platform, spot-airing logs from and index trend information from Google, we analyzed minute-level data to find the TV advertisers that had the biggest increases in website visits and Google searches from second-screen devices. Not only did we do this for the top 30 advertisers, but also for the Broncos and Panthers.

And the ?winners? are:

  • The Denver Broncos: Obviously Peyton and his crew won the game, but the Broncos also overwhelmingly won the search game too in 48 states, with North Carolina and Alabama being the lone holdouts.
  • Amazon Echo: The Internet speaker had the biggest increase in search traffic in New York, Chicago and Charlotte, N.C. Budweiser, a Super Bowl TV ad staple, took Denver, L.A. and Seattle. And Fitbit emerged as the winner in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Check out our ?Super Bowl 50?s TV Ad Winners? infographic for more information and to compare minute-level analysis for five of the night?s biggest advertisers.

Listen, we have more data ? A LOT more data. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the insights gleaned from our analysis. This week, we?ll be sharing many more of those insights but, for now, we?re going to let our team get a few hours of sleep.

Go Broncos!