Super Bowl LI

Brand Rivals

The Super Bowl is an American institution, but it’s also the “promised land” for advertisers – unrivaled inventory to get in front of more than a third of the U.S. population at one time.

According to Ad Age, advertisers spent $4.9 billion on Super Bowl commercials since 1967; and this year’s ad-spend set a record at $385 million. It makes sense – TV is powerful, that’s undisputed – but with 87% of viewers watching with a second-screen device nearby, it’s more powerful than ever before.

TV drives digital response – search, web traffic and app activity. It’s been proven time and time again. Just look at what happened with Super Bowl LI advertiser, 84 Lumber: its 90-second spot (deemed too controversial to air in its entirety by Fox) urged viewers to visit the company’s site to see the ending. The ad was so effective that temporarily crashed.

After Sunday’s nail-biter, what advertisers emerged victorious? Which brand rivals had the most impactful TV ads – driving digital response among connected viewers?

Super Bowl LI Advertising Analysis

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