More Super Bowl LII Ad Winners: Players, Celebs & Movies
07 February 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Content Director

Earlier this week, we shared the results of our third-annual Super Bowl TV ad analysis. Stella Artois won most of the metropolitan areas with its Damon spot, driving search up to 177x its baseline traffic.

But we didn’t just track TV-driven search for brands. We also analyzed Eagles/Patriot players, celebrity spokespeople and movie trailers. Here are the three winners who join Stella Artois as the 2018 Super Bowl ad-driven search champs:

Nick Foles

Nick Foles

Eagles quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles, beat Tom Brady in terms of search across the U.S. In fact, we only saw his search traffic start to die down after he was awarded the MVP trophy.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Out of the many celebrity spokespeople, Chris Pratt had the highest TV-driven search traffic in the U.S. While his Michelob Ultra spot certainly led to search, the fact that a “Jurassic Park” trailer ran too didn’t hurt his chances. For the entire country, Chris’ search rate increased by 87x the baseline.

Other celebrities that made an impact were former SNL cast members, Chris Elliott and Bill Hader, who won Los Angeles/Seattle and Miami, respectively. Danny DeVito won Dallas, Peter Hermann conquered Philly and Tiffany Haddish took Denver.


Jurassic World (with a “Black Panther” honorable mention)  

The movie trailer that drove the most search across the entire U.S. was for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” But we also saw a tremendous amount of traffic, especially in metropolitan areas, for the upcoming “Black Panther” film. This is interesting because Marvel didn’t run a traditional trailer, rather it teamed up with Lexus for an action-packed and, ultimately, effective ad.

To get our 2018 Super Bowl TV Ad infographic, you can download it here.