Real-World View: Syncing TV with Search
12 February 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Content Director

A few months ago, we shared some customer stories to show just what “measuring and optimizing TV campaigns” look like in the real world. Today, we’re going to do it again, but this time to illustrate the power of syncing TV ads with paid search.

We’ve been talking a lot about the relationship between TV ads and search lately. TV has become a primary driver of search, and the minutes after spots air are when consumer intent-to-buy/engage is the highest. Having the top search position in those critical moments significantly increases click-thru rates (CTRs) and helps to maximize TV-driven response. Not to mention, it ensures efficiency of spend too.

Here’s how Suzuki and Atkins made TV and search work together with the help of SearchSync:

Suzuki synced TV and search during an eight-week campaign for its Vitara model. Whenever a TV ad ran, a paid search campaign, with relevant keywords, was activated for five minutes following the spot. This made sure Suzuki had the top position on Google in those post-TV moments.

Even though the sync campaign was live for only 10% of the time, what’s astonishing is the impact it had. The synced campaign resulted in a:

  • 43% higher CTR vs. the non-synced campaign
  • 30% increase in conversions (measured as store-locator queries and brochure downloads)
  • 50% increase in mobile traffic

Atkins, the low-carb diet program, synced a four-week national campaign featuring Sharon Osbourne. Just like Suzuki, Atkins synced its search initiatives in the minutes after TV spots aired. Post-campaign analysis showed a significant increase in TV-inspired engagement among an audience that had a high intent to purchase. Results included a:

  • 19% increase in CTR
  • 34% increase in web pages visited
  • 48% increase in time spent on the site
  • 18% decrease in cost per conversion (measured as registrations)


Learn more about the power of TV and search and how TVSquared’s SearchSync can make it happen here. And, as always, you can drop us a line to set up a time to talk!