Take Action on Spot Logs with ADwatch
20 June 2018 • tvsquared
Jamie Lemle,
VP of Marketing

TV advertisers have been challenged by the manual effort and excessive lag time it takes to get spot-log information that can be used for TV attribution and performance analysis. What’s more is that industry research shows that one in 10 ads will not air in line with your actual media plan!

TVSquared ADwatch combats these challenges through automated, real-time spot detection. As a result, ADwatch users experience faster time-to-TV insights, general time savings and improved accuracy.

Here are three ways TVSquared customers are leveraging ADwatch today:


1. Expedited Performance Insights

A national real-estate advertiser experienced a significant lag time in obtaining spot-log information, which created barriers for in-flight campaign optimization and, ultimately, limited the insights needed to inform future TV buys.

ADwatch has significantly reduced the time it takes for the real-estate brand to get TV attribution results (shrinking from weeks to hours). These expedited performance insights power in-flight optimization for on-air campaigns. Overall, faster time-to-TV insights drive early attribution and inform strategy and planning for the next media buys.

2. Time Savings

A global media agency experienced a highly manual, time-intensive and error-prone process that involved merging multiple data sources. ADwatch is now an expedited starting point for creating post-log information, providing accurate, timely spot data in a consistent format. The end result is significant time savings and decreased data errors.

3. Improved Accuracy

When TV spots do not air in line with media plans, advertisers may not be getting what they paid for. They might even be using less precise data for attribution analysis. ADwatch enables a well-known online delivery service to detect and obtain more accurate air times, which has led to more precise performance analysis. It also provides the “checks and balances” the brand needs to know if its TV ads air when they’re supposed to.

Whether you need to create efficiencies within your attribution process, streamline the way you get spot-log information or reduce time-to-TV performance insights, both brands and agencies can benefit from real-time spot detection technology. Contact us to see ADwatch in action!