The Influx of Attribution: 3 Things to Know
13 January 2020 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

The world of TV attribution has exploded with innovation over the past few years, making the data-backed technology accessible to advertisers across the ecosystem.

Naturally, the influx of attribution solutions has led to excitement across the market, as well as questions around scale, data and measurement. But in a fast-growing space, the underlying need for the solution (i.e., the reason that led to attribution’s meteoric rise) can get lost within the industry buzz.

Today, TV has evolved to encompass all forms of video content and distribution. The reason why attribution is exploding is because advertisers need real-time, accurate, sophisticated proof of performance for their campaigns – across linear and digital TV. And the only way to realize that is through attribution powered by a software platform that can turn data into insights and deliver ongoing value.

For advertisers considering attribution, it’s important to keep three things in mind when evaluating solutions:

  1. Platform: It must be based on an actual software platform (not vaporware!) that serves up always-on analytics and actionable insights.
  2. Scale: For media owners, agencies and brands, scale is everything, and solutions not built on platforms are inherently unscalable.
  3. Analytics: Performance and valuable insights look differently to every advertiser. Platforms should be flexible enough to take in any data, measure business-specific KPIs and evaluate TV’s immediate and longer-term impact.

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