The Top Five TV Challenges You Can Solve Today
07 December 2015 • tvsquared

1. Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition

The simplest trick for lowering your TV cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is to buy media based on sales rather than response. With TVSquared, you know which sales were most likely driven by TV and you can optimize to those dayparts, stations and spots. A schedule bought for maximizing sales might be very different than one bought for maximizing response and, ultimately, 1,000 responses from a spot means nothing if none of them convert to a sale. And you don?t have to stop there! Once you have optimized to sales, you can then look at optimizing to average-ordered or even lifetime value.

2. Be Top of Mind

Advertisers are increasingly using an always-on approach to TV. This means always being top of mind with your target group, so potential prospects will be ready to respond when they need your product. You can also use complementary digital media retargeting to ensure people who have responded to your advertising continue to be engaged, even if you are not reaching new prospects.

3. Get Creative

TVSquared lets you see the difference in all of your TV creative. Not only can you see what is working on a top-line level, you can even understand it by program. This means you could run multiple creatives at one time, ensuring your prospect pool sees the ad that is most engaging to them, which massively increases efficiency.

4. Be Responsive

Now that you have all of these responses, it?s time to get value out of them. Responses from TV are most likely to come through paid, natural or direct search. Ensure you are running open on your pay-per-click brand terms, as you will get a lot of responses that way. Also, make sure there is strong data capture on your homepage and that you have retargeting set up so you can reach the responders again via social networks.

5. Customer Journey

TVSquared is doing groundbreaking work, allowing customers to understand each touch point TV plays in the overall user journey. This will revolutionize the way we understand how marketing channels interact and drive prospects to a purchase.