TV Analytics Maturity: Level 5 – Best of the Best
25 January 2019 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

It’s that time, folks! We’ve reach the end of our blog series on the 5 levels of TV Analytics Maturity. Be sure to take the  3-minute questionnaire to find your position on the maturity mode and learn about tangible ways to improve your TV strategy.

Advertisers within the Level 5/Optimized category are the “cream of the crop” when it comes to TV analytics. The level is all about automation, AI and looking at TV beyond linear. Since it’s so forward-thinking, several aspects might not be perfected yet, but that doesn’t discount a brand from maturity.

Level 5 Attributes

  • Lead the way with AI: The use of machine-learning recommendation engines is commonplace among Level 5 advertisers. While the ultimate decisions and subsequent actions are usually made by people, the systems make recs for the best possible marketing outcomes. Some advertisers have even started to allot more decision-making to the technology – ingesting bigger datasets to analyze marketing scenarios or experimenting with real-time modeling to find the ideal media mix.
  • Use machine-led planning: Dynamic, “living” media plans are par for the course in digital, and Level 5 advertisers are making them commonplace for TV too. They leverage technology to create multiple plans in minutes. Some score plans against each other to find the best performer, and even make in-flight optimizations for stronger response.
  • Experiment with automated buying: While Upfronts may still take up the bulk of their TV spend, Level 5 advertisers also leverage audience/HH-level data to make more targeted TV buys quickly. Whether partnering with emerging network programs or third-party vendors, they are always looking for ways to make faster, more dynamic media decisions, remove costs and align inventory to target audiences.
  • Think of TV beyond linear: Level 5 advertisers look at TV as more than just linear – but as any form of video, regardless of platform. They are working toward measuring impact together and apart to better understand the contribution of each platform. While there’s not a one-size-fits-all way of doing this, the space is evolving quickly and the most these advertisers are experimenting with ways to make cross-platform measurement a reality.

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