TV and the Art of the Feedback Loop
27 July 2017 • tvsquared

In the July issue of Response, our CTO, Kevin O’Reilly, discussed TV’s crucial role in today’s media feedback loop.

What exactly is a feedback loop? It’s the process of action-information-reaction – how an advertiser reaches consumers, how consumers learn about the brand and the steps they take to engage (whether it’s sales, app downloads, site traffic, etc.). While not a new concept, the proliferation of media has made the feedback loop a powerful tool for advertisers.

Today, people consume media via multiple channels and devices, often simultaneously. Close to 90% of TV viewers have second-screens in hand or nearby, which helps to produce real-time data trails that marketers can learn from.

The shift in the media landscape has made TV’s role in driving these loops all the more important. Especially when it comes to promoting digital response.

“The rise of second-screens and the real-time measurability of TV shorten the distance between information and reaction … for brands to take advantage of and optimize feedback loops, they have to take holistic, complementary, cross-channel approaches to their media strategies.”

The article details ways to build effective, TV-driven feedback loops, including:

  • Holistic media plans
  • Strategic calls-to-action
  • Unified campaign insights
  • Measurement and optimization solutions

To learn more about TV and its role in the feedback loop, read the full article here.