Infographic: Measuring John Lewis’ TV Ad

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert is the unofficial kickoff to the UK holiday season. And this year was no different, as Buster the Boxer bounced his way on to screens across England, Scotland and Wales.

While the creative became John Lewis most shared advert of all time (1.76 million shares and counting), did it actually generate response? Since 40% of the company’s annual profits come from the festive season, did the creative put John Lewis on the road to securing a piece of consumers holiday budgets 24.3 billion of which will be spent online this year in the UK alone?

Download TVSquared’s John Lewis holiday advert infographic to:

  • Take a closer look at how TV drove web and search response for the retailer both in the short-term and the days after the debut
  • See how John Lewis creative performed compared to Marks & Spencer’s holiday TV spot
  • Learn how TV even resulted in response activity for the band responsible for the song that ran in the advert’s background!

More than 87% of TV viewers watch with a second-screen device. This is the new way of watching TV, it’s the era of the active-participation viewer. And, especially for retailers, this is the reason why TV advertising can be more powerful today than ever before. When viewers are interested, they immediately engage.

Study after study has shown that TV advertising drives major website traffic, increases search by up to 80% and promotes app installs. More and more advertisers are using TV to create a feedback loop with consumers, the process of action-information-reaction. The opportunity to reach the right viewers, and get them to immediately engage via mobile, is huge!

Savvy retailers, like John Lewis, are increasingly designing their marketing and advertising strategies around the second-screening, actively participating viewer.

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