TV Just Won’t Listen to the “Experts”
02 April 2018 • tvsquared
Kevin O’Reilly,
Chief Strategy Officer

According to industry “experts,” linear TV advertising has been “dead” now for about a decade. But, despite their expert opinions, it just won’t die! In fact, eMarketer estimates that TV advertising will be a $70B channel in 2020 – up by $1B from 2014.

If you add TV spend with search-engine marketing (SEM) investments (accounting for 45% of all digital spend), the combined TV + search marketplace is more than $100B in the U.S., and growing.

Rather than keeping it solely within the digital bucket, it’s important to think of search in a broader sense – influencing and complementing other marketing channels. In reality, brand marketing drives most SEM response, which ends up on your website. And TV is one of the largest drivers of search traffic.

These ad-spend projections were made before the recent Facebook data debacle. The social media giant has subsequently closed down its Partner Categories, which allowed third-party data providers to offer targeting capabilities to Facebook advertisers. Overall, this has weakened the targeting capabilities of the platform and, ultimately, will weaken the “targeting” argument against TV. Not to mention, it has contributed to the increasing angst around privacy.

Further, according to a recent survey of U.S. internet users, 55% of respondents said they are concerned the government will not do enough to regulate the way tech companies operate. U.S. advertisers have demonstrated that they are sensitive to their customer concerns and are likely to take proactive measures to acknowledge and rectify them.

The data backlash of 2018 is a real concern that marketers need to address. Consequently, TV will go from strength to strength as marketers understand that data-enabled, privacy-protected TV targeting and advanced attribution modeling from vendors like TVSquared, allow campaigns to be optimized in-flight.