TV Performance Trends for UK DTC Advertisers
24 July 2019 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle
MarCom Director

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have changed the way people think about, research and buy everything from clothing and eyewear, to home goods and travel. While they made names for themselves with aggressive, targeted online marketing efforts (they’re digital natives, after all!), DTC brands have also become one of the fastest growing groups of TV advertisers worldwide.

In TVSquared’s recently released infographic, we analyzed 18 months of data from our UK DTC clients to uncover insights on the buy elements, including day of week, daypart and creative length, that drove the strongest response. Findings included:

  • 30-second spots had a response rate 43% above average
  • Prime proved to be the most efficient daypart at 35% below the average price, while also delivering the best performance results. Mornings delivered subpar results and were 20-50% more expensive.
  • Response rates on Saturdays and Sundays were 33% higher than average, making weekend buys a good investment.

The infographic also offered tips for UK DTC brands looking to get the most out of TV campaign performance:

  1. Test Creatives

Continually test and optimize creatives. Even small, subtle changes can lead to increased performance and a better understanding of which creatives best engage with different audiences.

  1. Use Brand-Specific KPIs

Exposure metrics do not provide any insight into the true performance of TV campaigns. Brand-specific, performance-based KPIs are best for measuring TV’s immediate and long-term impact on business outcomes.

  1. Optimize by Day and Daypart

Rather than making uber targeted buys (at least at first), the best way to find the right audiences is to optimize by day of week and time of day. Once a brand discovers “when” those audiences watch, spots can be matched with the channels and programs that best complement it.

Download our infographic for more UK-focused DTC TV performance insights here.