TV and Search: A Connected Ecosystem
03 May 2018 • tvsquared
Inna Petrova,
Marketing Manager

Many advertisers still treat offline and online marketing activities as completely separate initiatives. But the customer journey is complex and encompasses multiple channels. Siloed marketing is “old-school” and can lead to inefficient allocation of resources, funnel leakage and lost conversions. To avoid this, the key is to coordinate all of your activities effectively to make sure they work in harmony. There is no better example of this than with TV and search.

TV spots drive search, and the minutes after ads air are the moments when search activity spikes. Having the top search position during those crucial moments maximizes response and optimizes search spend.

TVSquared helps advertisers capture TV-driven search by coordinating search-campaign bidding with TV airings. Marketers just need to set their keyword-bidding processes as normal, and our technology does the rest, including real-time spot detection and campaign triggering within seconds of TV spots airing.

Our brands have not only seen 20%+ growth in click-through rates, but because they’re capturing high-interest audiences, they’ve also experienced 30%+ increases in conversions.

Get started with these simple steps:

  1. Take “advantage” of TVSquared’s ADvantage platform, the gold standard for TV analytics. ADvantage gives TV advertisers everything they need to measure and optimize TV with same-day performance analytics to improve campaign effectiveness.
  2. Utilize TVSquared’s SearchSync to secure the top search position in the minutes following your TV ad airing to ensure efficiency of spend and capitalize on the moments when consumer intent-to-buy is high.

Learn more about ADvantage and SearchSync: