TVSquared Releases 2019 TV Performance Insights Report for UK Advertisers
11 November 2019 • tvsquared

Saturdays Drive Major Response; Foreign Language & Music the Highest-Performing Programming Genres


EDINBURGH, UK – 11 Nov. 2019 – TVSquared, the global leader in TV attribution, today released 2019 TV ad performance insights for UK brands. The report reveals the highest- and lowest-performing TV buy elements for the year thus far, including days, dayparts, creative lengths and programming genres.

Using data from its always-on ADvantage platform, TVSquared analysed £49.2 million in TV ad spend and more than 300,000 spots from January to September 2019. Cost, response and audience data were evaluated across finance, beauty, travel and food delivery sectors. The results provide advertisers with critical insights into how TV can drive performance at scale.

Key findings include:

  • Saturday delivered the most effective response rate, at 66% above average, followed closely by Sunday, at 56% above average.
  • Early Morning was, overwhelmingly, the strongest performing daypart, with a response rate of 380% above average and a cost-per-response (CPR) of 37% below average.
  • 10- and 20-second spot lengths drove the most response with audiences, and were also the most efficient, with CPR rates of 35% and 30% below average, respectively.
  • The top performing program genre was Foreign Language, with a response rate of 377% above average. Music, Fine Arts and Children’s programming were also strong performers.

“It’s no longer enough for advertisers to assume the biggest audience reach will also deliver the greatest performance,” said Mark Hudson, Head of Business Intelligence, TVSquared. “TV’s position within the modern media mix means it is essential that marketers can quantify how ad spend is driving business outcomes. While these findings are valuable intel for UK advertisers, everyone is unique. It’s only through continuous campaign performance measurement and optimisation that brands can find the TV buy elements that work best for them.”      

TVSquared’s “Performance Insights for UK TV Advertisers” infographic is available for download here.

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