TVSquared’s “Predict” the First Platform to Automate TV Planning and Buying
28 June 2017 • tvsquared

***Predict is now part of TVSquared ADvantage***

TVSquared Predict is transforming the TV planning and buying process by generating insights into which buy opportunities drive maximum response. It’s the first and only tool to quickly and accurately tell advertisers how TV will perform before ad buys are made.

By analyzing historical performance, Predict identifies the best performing networks, days, times, programs, creatives and number of spots to meet advertisers’ ROI objectives. Even if ad spend fluctuates, Predict adjusts recommendations to deliver the greatest response uplift.

“Across TV media buying, there’s always uncertainty about whether the spend will drive real-world response,” said Kevin O’Reilly, CTO, TVSquared. “Predict takes that element of guesswork out of the process. Advertisers can be confident that they are buying the best opportunities to drive ROI for their TV campaigns.”

“Predict presents advertisers with exactly what changes to make to optimize TV for the greatest response,” said Jo Kinsella, EVP, TVSquared. “Before buys are even made, advertisers can quantify the before-and-after impact of the recommendations on spend, response and CPA (cost-per-acquisition).”

Predict delivers data-driven insights and transparency to support direct brands and agencies, around the world, with never-before-seen optimization opportunities. Available from a simple user interface for anyone involved in TV optimization, Predict empowers your media to succeed.

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