UEFA Euro '16: Online Gambling Companies Hit Jackpot With TV Advertising
26 July 2016 • tvsquared

While TVSquared is a global company, our headquarters are in Edinburgh and, given our UK roots, many of us were following the UEFA Euros. Even the Americans among us got involved, including yours truly – a born-and-raised New Yorker who now refers to “soccer” as “football” to the annoyance of her husband.

During the tournament, our brilliant data scientists conducted minute-by-minute analysis of how TV spots drove UK search traffic for several matches. While they tracked many different advertisers, I wanted to spotlight online gambling companies because their response spikes are very unique compared to advertisers in other industries.

The world of online gambling is highly competitive, with companies often inundating the TV airwaves with ads – especially during sporting events. The savviest firms know that it’s not just about game-day advertising, but also running spots at the times they’ll drive the most response: before the event starts and at halftime. Not coincidentally, that’s when people are most likely to place bets.

The chart below shows UK search traffic for Betway and Bet365 during last month’s England vs. Slovakia match. Both companies saw measurable uplift in online traffic corresponding with their TV ads, which ran shortly before the start and at halftime, respectively.

This analysis was generated within minutes of the spots airing, which is a big deal for advertisers across industries. With same-day performance analytics, advertisers can measure the immediate impact of spots (and not just the impact online, but any touchpoint like SMS, mobile, call centers and apps). They understand the networks/days/times/programs generating response and improve the efficiency of underperforming spots while they’re on-air. The implication for TV advertising, which is a $202 billion global industry, is huge!