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Uncovering UNTUCKit’s Successful TV Strategy
06 August 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Marcom Director

For the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to sit in on some media interviews with Aaron Sanandres, the CEO and co-founder of UNTUCKit, a men’s apparel company that sells shirts designed not to be tucked into pants. While it started online in 2011, UNTUCKit has grown quickly, opening 36 stores across the U.S. (with another 17 planned for this year).

At TVSquared, we’ve worked with UNTUCKit for the last 10 months. Due to the success the company’s had using our ADvantage platform, Aaron was kind enough to talk about UNTUCKit’s innovative TV ad strategy with the press. And I encourage you to read the Internet Retailer, Glossy and Marketing Dive articles that were published as a result.

Continuous Measurement …  

When UNTUCKit first started to advertise on TV, it gauged the success of a campaign by monitoring website traffic when spots aired. But as the company’s marketing initiatives grew to include multiple channels, it became harder to pinpoint where website traffic came from – TV, radio, print, digital or podcasts.

After trying out another TV attribution vendor, and quickly becoming disenchanted due to the inaccuracy of its results, UNTUCKit turned to TVSquared in November 2017.

TVSquared’s ADvantage platform provided UNTUCKit with same-day TV campaign performance analytics on days, times, networks, programs, genres, creatives and even audience segments. Detailed analysis showed how TV drove web response, and gave the marketing team the insights needed to improve the effectiveness of on-air campaigns. And because ADvantage calculates the baseline every minute of every day (filtering out non-TV-driven traffic), UNTUCKit knows the results are accurate.

“TVSquared allows us to look through the noise … to see which spots are working for us, which spots aren’t working, which creative works for us, which creative works on which channels. There’s so much data and you can never use too much.”- Aaron Sanandres to Marketing Dive.

… Continuous Optimization

Using the insights generated from ADvantage, UNTUCKit continuously optimizes its TV initiatives – making smaller changes weekly and bigger ones monthly.

Since working with TVSquared and leveraging ADvantage insights, UNTUCKit has:

  • Cut cost-per-response (CPR) by 30%
  • Seen its website bounce rate fall by as much as 45% after a spot airs – showing TV drives more engaged consumers. The team is using the insights to make sure spots get in front of the right people, in the right places and at the right times.
  • Found a correlation between TV and higher rates of purchases for as long as an hour after a spot airs.
  • Identified a segment of female consumers who were a significant market for the company.

“We treat TV like we treat digital. You want to get as much data out of it as you can, you want to link the online and the offline as much as you can and you want to test as much as you can. Then you’ve got to use the data, or what’s the point?” – Aaron Sanandres to Glossy

UNTUCKit’s latest TV spots are for its “All Shapes & Sizes” campaign, which launched in May 2018 and has already proven itself to be quite successful. If you haven’t seen it yet – check out the 30-second spot here.

See the full UNTUCKit case study and learn more about how retail brands can make TV a performance-marketing channel, or to arrange a demo of ADvantage, give us a shout!