Unpacking TV Attribution Within the Auto Industry
26 July 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

Attribution has taken center stage as more companies realize its importance for both TV ad sellers and buyers. Sellers, to prove that programming delivers strong results. Buyers, to know their money is being invested as efficiently and effectively as possible.

BIA/Kelsey hosted a webinar on the topic, specifically as it pertains to a category that traditionally spends heavily on TV: automotive.

Greg Dixon, our VP of Automotive Client Development, joined the webinar, and here’s a recap of what he and other panelists had to say:

  • Since automotive is such a large category that invests a lot of money on the medium, it’s critical to establish key performance metrics that accurately reveal TV-driven response.
  • Gini Resnick, Sinclair’s Automotive Research Manager, compared the industry to local broadcast stations – both have a history of “handshake deals [and] relationship building,” but they are now evolving. Broadcasters and auto sellers alike need to operate in an increasingly data-centric environment that demands proof of performance.
  • In many ways, automotive is ahead of other industries when it comes to embracing TV attribution, but national advertisers are more advanced than local ones. Angela Betasso, Tribune’s CRO, noted how optimizations and looking at specific TV buy elements have become the next iteration of attribution.
  • Greg acknowledged that, while the “big push” is on the front end to sell new vehicles to new customers, there’s an enormous opportunity for TV attribution to help “improve, increase and retain business on the backend.”

You can watch and listen to the webinar in its entirety below: