Using TV for Some APP-reciation
11 January 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Content Director

In 2017, U.S. adults spent 20% of their total daily media time with mobile apps – about 2:25 hours per day. App usage is also expected to increase as Digital Natives (Gen Z) come of age, a generation that will eventually represent 24% of the workforce and 40% of consumer spending.

So, why should TV advertisers care about this? Because TV drives major app activity. In fact, about a third of all smartphone users discover apps due to TV ads.

A great study by Fetch found that certain TV ads resulted in app-install uplifts between 56-74%. The ads continued to have an effect on installs 10-to-30 minutes after the airings, which led to upticks of 24% and 20%, respectively.

For TVSquared, those findings are not surprising. We see TV drive as much as 10x the baseline traffic through digital channels for our customers every day.

Today, we help hundreds of advertisers across the globe measure and optimize TV-driven app response. Here are a few of their stories:

  • A U.S. home-rental service reduced app CPA by 30% in just three months.
  • A fantasy sports firm increased TV spend from $100K to $150M (at positive ROAS) over three years by tracking performance and reinvesting into high-efficiency TV media. Another one reconfigured its TV buys to maximize app reactivations among lapsed customers.
  • A food-delivery service saw TV drive orders, but barely any new downloads. It changed its creative calls-to-action, which significantly promoted acquisition.
  • An online dating site not only found that TV was effective for acquisitions, but that it could also be used to get existing customers to engage with the app more often.
  • An auto sales company was able to test various creatives to meet the goal of moving its customer base toward apps and away from web usage.


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