2020 Vision: New Decade, New TV Ad Trends

We are in the midst of the most exciting time in the history of TV, with more advertising opportunities than ever before. Today, TV means content and distribution – incorporating linear and digital TV across platforms, screens and devices. This convergence provides advertisers with valuable new ways to reach audiences, amplify messaging and drive sales.

We broke down our “2020 Vision: New Decade, New TV Ad Trends” webinar into six segments, covering the new TV era, the convergence of linear and digital TV, the impact of the 2020 election and much more. Check out the series to hear from thought leaders from Effectv, Samsung Ads, NBCU, Marketing Architects and TVSquared.

Effectv’s Andrea Zapata on the Role of Performance in the New TV Era

TV has changed more in the last few years than it has in decades. No longer just linear, TV encompasses premium content consumed across different platforms and screens. Learn about the new TV era and the game-changing role of data-backed performance for advertisers.

Samsung Ads’ Justin Evans on the Convergence of Linear & Advanced TV

Together, linear and digital TV have opened up tremendous opportunities for advertisers to extend the reach and impact of their campaigns. Discover what the convergence of linear and digital means for advertisers and how they can leverage it to maximize reach, frequency and performance.

NBCU’s Bruce Kallner on the Role of TV for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Live events are known for the massive audiences they draw – making them prime opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of TV’s reach and performance. With the 2020 Summer Olympics breaking records for national TV ad spend, learn about the trends emerging around the Tokyo Games and what viewers and advertisers alike can expect.

Effectv’s Dan Sinagoga on what to expect from Political TV Advertisers in 2020

Historically, TV has been the most influential channel for political advertisers. Even today, they are devoting $6B+ to TV this year because it offers an effective, brand-safe environment. Find out how politics will impact TV in 2020 and what political advertisers are prioritizing to optimize its reach, target-ability and performance at the national and local levels.

Marketing Architects’ Dan Cleveland on Maximizing TV’s Immediate & Longer-Term Impact

Thanks to second-screening, TV is now a primary driver of digital response. While certain advertisers have largely focused on performance, some have claimed it’s come at the expense of brand building. But advertisers don’t have to compromise! Learn how brands can have both – TV’s immediate spike and longer-term effect.

TVSquared’s Jo Kinsella on the Industry’s Data Wake-Up Call & the Year of the Platform

For TV advertisers, 2019 was all about panel size. And while panel data is part of the attribution puzzle, it’s not the entire thing. In fact, it can be quite problematic when used alone for attribution. Discover why the industry is having a data wake-up call – focusing less on acquiring data and more on generating actionable insights with the data they have.

Check out the “2020 Vision: New Decade, New TV Ad Trends” webinar in its entirety below:

eBook—2020 Outlook: Top Trends Shaping TV Advertising


eBook—2020 Outlook: Top Trends Shaping TV Advertising

Learn about the opportunities the evolving TV landscape will present in 2020 and beyond.

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