Viva Las Vegas (and New York): The Year Ahead in Advertising and Tech
22 January 2016 • tvsquared

Anyone who has connected to the Internet for even a few minutes this month has heard about the goings on at theConsumer Electronics Show (CES). In fact, this year was CES? largest show to date, with 175,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors across a 2.4M sq. ft. space. Quite simply, CES is the place to be for a large portion of the technology industry (and the media that covers it).

While TVSquared doesn?t fall into the ?consumer technology? arena, CEO Calum Smeaton and CTO Kevin O?Reilly attended CES 2016 to meet with partners, customers and members of the media ? and to learn more about the innovations taking shape this year. Plus, they (like most of us here at TVSquared) are technology nerds at heart!

Calum referred to Shelly Palmer?s use of the term ?inconspicuous innovation? to describe CES 2016. While the event lacked the major product launches of years? past, many of the technologies on display were updated, tweaked and improved upon in ways that will make big differences to users.

?The kind of iteration on display at CES 2016 requires an incredible amount of innovation. Each slightly improved feature, each price reduction, each simplification of user experience, each incremental improvement brings us one step closer to a more creative, more productive and more prosperous world.?

– Shelly Palmer

From an advertising perspective, Calum noted trends around the ?data economy,? the on-demand/?I want it now? culture and the ongoing rise of streaming TV that will continue to push TV advertisers to much richer, more sophisticated forms of measurement and optimization. (And we?ll explore these topics ? and many more ? in blogs to come.)

This week, TVSquared?s account director, Sonny Visco, also attended AdExchanger?s Industry Preview, a two-day event in NYC devoted to the next 12 months in digital marketing technologies. Not surprisingly, there is A LOT going on and the major topics of discussion included:

  • Cross-device measurement and marketing
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • The need to increase the value of TV and original content with effective measurement
  • The merging of TV and digital

Stay connected with the TVSquared blog, as we will be discussing many of these trends in the next few weeks. And if you missed the first post in our three-part series on 2016 trends, click here.