Webinar - Optimize TV’s Impact with Automated Spot Detection
29 March 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager

In our latest webinar, now available on-demand, discover how to get early indicators of your TV campaign performance for faster insights and optimization.

If you work in TV advertising, you know that spot detection is a core component of attribution. When analyzed, along with response data, advertisers rely on it to quantify the impact of TV ads and optimize performance.

Spot logs are central for calculating TV attribution – but they are notoriously difficult to collate. Depending on where you source the information (networks, agencies, etc.), it can take weeks to come in. When you finally get the information, it’s often inaccurate.

In fact, one in 10 ads may not air in line with your media plan, and can sometimes be around five minutes out from the intended airing time. You can see the issue, as the timing of spot airings is essential for attribution models to run correctly.

With TVSquared’s real-time spot detection technology, ADwatch, you know within seconds when your ad has aired, giving you the almost immediate ability to take action.

In this 20-minute webinar, our director of product management, Aktar Somalya, discusses how ADwatch enables real-time spot detection and daily analytics. Listen to the webinar on-demand to learn more about:

  • Common challenges around slot-log collation
  • The technology behind ADwatch and how it works
  • How ADwatch can help your brand optimize TV campaigns

You can access the on-demand webinar via the links above or here: https://tvsquared.com/optimize-tv-impact-with-automated-spot-detection-webinar/