Webinar: Understand TV’s Extended Impact
15 November 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager

Most marketers understand the importance of measuring the longer-term impact of TV. I’m not talking about the immediate response that a campaign drives. Rather, I’m talking about the effect it has in the weeks and months after spots aired. In fact, the extended impact of TV can be up to five-times greater than its initial response.

Measuring Longer-Term Impact

To uncover TV’s longer-term impact, there are three standard approaches:

  1. Econometric modeling
  2. Impression-based Adstock
  3. Taking a guess

The first two techniques are complex, expensive and time-consuming. And the problem with the third approach goes without saying.

Witnessing the problems that advertisers faced measuring TV’s extended impact, TVSquared designed an alternative solution. One that’s accurate, fast, affordable and doesn’t have any barriers to entry. In other words, we’ve solved most of the problems.

Introducing TVSquared ADeffect

TVSquared’s ADeffect gives an accurate view of the longer-term impact of TV. It uses similar techniques to econometric modelling, but without any complex data requirements. It even works for brands with no data history built up! Results are continuously calculated and available in an instant. Meaning ADeffect eliminates the reliance on resource-intensive uplift models.

To find out more about ADeffect, check out the on-demand webinar: “Unlock TV’s Longer-Term Impact with ADeffect.”